December 25

Find An Interesting Ted Talk Then Review It

Whether you’re trying to pitch a TEDx talk or find a TED talk to review, there are several ways to make your review more interesting and easier to get the point across.

Finding a TED talk to review

TED talks are a great way to discover new ideas and inspire others to explore and pursue their passions. They are also a great resource to help you improve your public speaking skills.

Choosing a topic is not always easy. You may have to consider the audience you are addressing, the type of presentation you will be making, and what your core belief is.

For example, if you are giving a TED talk to a group of high school students, you will probably want to focus on a topic that is relevant to them. For example, you might consider giving a talk about a social issue that affects them, or an example of an invention that you have worked on.

Choosing a TED talk topic isn’t always easy. You have to think about the benefits to the audience. For example, what will they learn from your talk?

Creating a slideshow for a TED talk

Creating a slideshow for a TED talk is an effective way to engage the audience and keep them focused on what you are saying. However, it is important to choose the right visual aids to compliment your style.

You can use photos, videos, animations, or GIFs as visual aids. They should add to the speaker’s story and their stage persona. You should not include clip art, family snapshots, or placeholder text.

It is a good idea to have someone watch you present, as they can give you an objective view of your presentation structure. They can also spot things that might distract from your speech.

You can also test your presentation with your colleagues or friends. This will allow you to determine how well your slides are working. You should also practice presenting with a clicker or a remote.

Making a TED talk more of a story

Whether you are giving a TED talk or writing one, there are a few things to keep in mind. The first is making sure you have an interesting story. Stories help people retain information better. They also engage an audience and draw them into the presentation.

The second is using good questions to draw your audience in. Asking a great question is a great way to show that you care about your audience and that you are knowledgeable about your topic. The best ones are thought-provoking.

The third is to make sure your slides support your message. Your slides should reinforce your message, not distract from your presentation. You want them to match the style and brand of your presentation.

The last thing you want to do is throw up a slide or two and leave your audience wondering what you are talking about. This is especially true if your topic is highly technical or has a lot of numbers and facts.

Avoiding controversial content

TED stands for “technology, entertainment, and design” and has held events in over 100 countries. They have been called the “nerdy Coachella” by some. They have been criticized for a lack of scientific accuracy and a heavy-handed political agenda. In the past decade, TED has had to deal with quality control issues. In the name of scientific rigour, TED’s scientific advisory board has recommended caution when attending a TED event.

While TED does not do actual fact-checking, they do have a process for removing questionable talks. They have learned from their mistakes. Aside from the standard TED speech, they have also introduced a TEDx franchise model that allows volunteer organizers to host their own mini TEDs. These TEDx events have been held in major cities around the globe.

Pitching a TEDx talk

TEDx talks are a great way to get booked for speaking gigs. However, you’ll need to do a little work before applying for a TEDx talk. You’ll need to show the organizer why they should hire you, and that your talk fits their theme. Having a solid media kit will help you show your professionalism.

A TEDx event is an event where you can give a talk about a topic that’s interesting to a general audience. You don’t need to be a famous speaker or have a huge social media following to get on the stage. Rather, TED is looking for speakers who will be an asset to the TED community.

If you haven’t given a TEDx talk before, you may want to start by asking friends and family for feedback. You can also use the TEDx Talks guide to learn more about what is expected.