December 12

Top 7 Startups in Your Industry Space

Whether you are in the start-up stage or a veteran entrepreneur, you know the importance of having an understanding of what startups are doing in your industry. You want to be able to pick and choose the best startup ideas to invest in, but you may not know where to start. This article will help you determine which startups are best for your industry.

Mythical Games

Founded by gaming industry veterans, Mythical Games is an up-and-coming games technology studio with offices in Los Angeles and Seattle. The studio’s next-generation game technology enables players to become stakeholders in in-game economies. They develop games based on non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that allow players to own parts of the game and sell them for real money.

In November, Mythical Games secured a $150 million Series C round of funding. Its investors include Javelin Venture Partners, Struck Capital, Alumni Ventures, Galaxy Digital via the Galaxy EOS VC Fund, and Hashed.


Whether you’re a fan of the electric car or not, you’re bound to have heard of AquaLith. Using the newest and coolest materials to date, the company’s next-gen battery technology is on the cutting edge. Along the way, the company has won a few awards, such as being named one of the top 20 startups in the battery power industry.

The company has plans for the long term, including a new Maryland location. During the past year, the company has sunk many millions into R&D, as well as a hefty marketing budget. This should bode well for future product and customer success.


Located in New York, Chainalysis is a leader in the blockchain analytics space. It provides intelligence and risk management tools to enterprises and governments that are looking to build or enhance their digital asset and crypto asset strategies.

Chainalysis products help companies and banks make critical decisions about digital assets and the security of consumers. It also conducts investigations to fight illicit activity. It has a global presence with offices in Singapore, Australia, Japan, and South Korea. It has 700 clients in more than 70 nations.

Chainalysis offers an investigation tool, known as “Know Your Transaction” (KYT), which analyzes transactions in real time and helps organizations comply with local and global regulations. It also offers an API for transaction-based risk scoring.


Divvy Homes is a rent-to-own startup that buys homes on behalf of consumers. After three years, the customer owns 10 percent of the home. Customers are required to make payments, which include a monthly payment, a down payment, and an equity payment.

Divvy uses data science to calculate the value of the home and determine how much the consumer can afford to pay. The company targets homes between $100,000 and $400,000. The company has raised a total of $110 million in funding. The startup’s investors include Tiger Global Management, GGV Capital, Moore Specialty Credit, and JAWS Ventures.


Despite the doom and gloom that surrounds the VC-backed startup industry, there are still some out there doing their part to make life easier for business owners, consumers, and investors. One such company is ClearForMe, which offers a suite of products that make shopping safer for consumers with allergies. The company has partnered with some of the industry’s biggest names, including Sephora and Neutrogena. Among other things, ClearForMe allows customers to see the allergy ratings of the beauty products they are interested in, so they can avoid a stingy moisturizer that could ruin their face.


Founded by Imran Khan, Verishop is an e-commerce site that sells luxury goods and lifestyle products. The company has a curated selection of over 4,000 independent brands. It provides free one-day shipping on every order and offers a 30-day free return policy.

Using proprietary technology, the company claims to have a competitive advantage. In addition to its online business store, Verishop also offers operational support for brands. The company also launched the Shop Party feature, which allows users to shop together. It has also teamed up with Snap to launch Verishop Mini, an app based on the company’s online business store.


Despite its burgeoning success, the cryptocurrency exchange Circle has not disclosed the value of its recent acquisition of Poloniex. However, the company has stated that it plans to play a leadership role in regulatory frameworks surrounding cryptocurrencies and digital tokens. It is also planning to launch a retail-focused app for buying cryptocurrencies.

Circle’s purchase of Poloniex is the latest move it has made to solidify its position as the market leader in cryptocurrencies. In the coming months, it is likely to release its own app for buying and selling cryptocurrencies that are geared toward regular people. Also, the company is working to make sure that it stays as one of the top players in bitcoin trading. Circle has also received an investment from Goldman Sachs.