April 3

Vintage Clothing – The Language of Style

If you want to look unique and stand out in the crowd, then vintage clothing is your best option. It can be worn in many different ways and reflects your personality. Vintage clothing is a popular trend that has been growing in popularity over the years. Vintage Clothing is a unique style that has been around for many years. It is based on the idea that old-fashioned clothing can still be stylish and comfortable. This style is often associated with retrofitted designs, as well as details such as buttons and snaps. Vintage Clothing can be found in a variety of styles, including tailored suits, blouses, skirts, and dresses. It can also be worn as a standalone outfit or as part of a more formal outfit. Its popularity has increased due to the increase in interest in period pieces, celebrities wearing vintage clothing, and the resurgence of historically based subculture groups such as rockabilly and swing dancing.

The History of Vintage Clothing

Vintage is a term used to describe clothing that is at least 20 years old and is clearly representative of the era in which it was produced. This can include haute couture or quality mainstream fashion labels, as well as used, new (from deadstock), manufactured, or handmade garments.

To determine if a garment is vintage, look for unique production details such as pinked seams or side fasteners. It’s also important to check to size. Modern sizes are typically 4 to 6 times bigger than the size of a vintage garment from that same time period, and some styles from the 60s, for example, are also significantly larger.

Other ways to identify vintage are by the sleeves and necklines of a dress. The 1890s offered an assortment of puffed and tight sleeves, while the 1930s featured capes, push-up varieties, as well as ruffles that went in and out of style. Sleeve silhouettes can give age clues as well, so if you see a leg mutton sleeve or a sweetheart neckline, chances are good that it’s from that era.

The Benefits of Vintage Clothing

While many people opt for new, fast-fashion clothes in a bid to maintain a modern look, vintage clothing is an alternative that provides several benefits. These include reduced environmental impact and a chance to experiment with style without investing in a whole new wardrobe.

Unlike modern clothes that are prone to damage and discoloration from washing machines and high heat settings, vintage pieces are often in better condition when they’re purchased second-hand. This is because they weren’t created using a lot of technology.

As a result, they last longer than most modern clothes and can be worn again and again without a need for frequent maintenance or replacement. This makes them an excellent investment. They also retain their value and can be resold for more money than they cost. This is especially true if the piece is in good condition and fits with current trends.

The Styles of Vintage Clothing

Vintage clothing is a unique and special way to express your style. Unlike modern designer clothing, which often is high-priced and doesn’t hold long-lasting value, vintage pieces are made from high-quality materials that last for years.

Aside from a unique and personal look, vintage clothes also offer a sense of inventive ingenuity. They can be incredibly creative and help bring out a side of your personality that you may not have otherwise known about.

While it isn’t always easy to match a vintage piece with your wardrobe, there are a few tips you can use to find styles that fit your aesthetic and are easy to wear.

The first step is to work out what your style is by examining fashion blogs and Pinterest boards. This will help you identify the styles that fit your aesthetic and will be easy to incorporate into your closet. You can also try styling a classic vintage piece with new separates for a cohesive look that still honors history.

Where to Find Vintage Clothing

Vintage clothing can be a great way to add a unique element to your wardrobe. It’s also a great way to experiment with your style without having to spend a fortune on new items.

There are plenty of great online stores that sell vintage clothes, and it’s easier than ever to find something that matches your aesthetic. With a little bit of research, you’ll be able to find the perfect piece at an affordable price.

eBay is a good place to start, as they have a strong set of filters that allow you to narrow down your searches by decade, color, and style. They also have a dedicated section for vintage fashion, so it’s easy to find the pieces you’re looking for.

You can also check out car boot sales and thrift fairs in your area to see if you can find some amazing finds. This will give you an idea of the types of products that are often available second-hand, which can then be used as a basis for searching online.

Vintage clothing is a language of style that allows individuals to express their uniqueness and personality. For those interested in exploring the world of vintage fashion, attending upcoming vintage clothing events in NYC can be a great way to discover new pieces and connect with like-minded individuals. A recent article on “Vintage Clothing – The Language of Style” highlights the timeless appeal of vintage fashion, and “Upcoming Vintage Clothing Events in NYC” offers a glimpse into the exciting events happening in the city. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or new to vintage fashion, these events provide an opportunity to appreciate the artistry and craftsmanship of past eras.

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December 6

Skincare Tips for Winter/Summer

The changing seasons can wreak havoc on your skin. And, with the cooler weather and changing humidity that comes with fall, winter, and spring, your skin faces an additional challenge. The lower temperature and dry air are hard on your face and likely to leave it looking dull, if not worse. To protect your skin from the harsh winds and drying effects of the season, you need to make some adjustments to your skincare routine. Read on for some tips to keep your skin healthy this winter/summer.

Change Up Your Cleansing routine

One of the most important things you can do is change up your skincare routine. When the temperature changes and the humidity decreases, it’s harder for your skin to drink in moisture. You should switch from cleansing to a cleanser that moisturizes and moisturize your skin every day of the week. You should also switch out products that have been sitting on your face for a long time.

If you’ve been using cream cleansers, switch to foaming ones. If you’ve only been using toners, use them less often during the season and build them back up later on. And remember: there’s no need to rely solely on skincare products as a stand-alone solution for dry skin care needs. Try eating more fruits and vegetables to protect your skin from the harsh cold and dry air too!

Drying winds and hot temperatures are the enemies

of your skin The dry, cold air and the heating of a warm oven on the stove often cause the skin to lose moisture. This is especially true during the winter when the humidity is low. If you want to prevent your skin from losing too much moisture or looking worse than it actually is, you need to take some steps. One step you can take to prevent drying winds from wrecking your face is to make sure your sunscreen has an SPF of at least 50. Another option is to wear a moisturizing lip balm with SPF. You can also just apply a layer of moisturizer over your makeup.

If you’re concerned about hot temperatures causing your skin damage, there are several options for protecting yourself against heat damage based on different skin types. If you have oily skin that is prone to acne, you can use a mattifying primer. This will help control oil and calm irritation caused by dryness and clogged pores. If you have dry skin, choose a moisturizer without oil that contains hyaluronic acid. This acid helps keep water in dry parts of the body and protects against things like pollution and UV rays.

Protect your skin with SPF

Sunscreen is an important component of your skincare routine. When it comes to winter skincare, you need SPF to protect your skin from the harsh effects of the sun’s rays. If you don’t have time for a long application, try using a sunscreen moisturizer that can be applied in just one or two quick passes.

To prevent drying and cracking during the dry winter months, avoid scrubbing or exfoliating too roughly with a washcloth or loofah. This type of exfoliation can remove important lipids that keep your face hydrated and healthy. Instead, use gentle cleansing brushes to slough away makeup, dirt, and oil without damaging your skin’s natural protective layer.

Dive into a humid environment – it’s where you want to be!

The best way to keep your skin healthy this winter is to dive into a humid environment. Humid environments help the skin retain moisture, which keeps it healthy and hydrated. The humidity can also help with clogged pores, which can cause acne breakouts. To maintain moisture in your skin, use a moisturizer with humectants.

Exfoliation is an essential step in maintaining healthy skin

Exfoliation is an essential step in maintaining healthy skin. Not only can it rid your skin of dead cells and prevent dullness and dryness, but it also helps to fight acne. If you have sensitive skin, make sure you choose a gentle exfoliator that won’t irritate your skin.


Winter is coming and so is the harsh weather. It’s time to get ready for the cold and dry winter that lies ahead. Here are a few tips for staying healthy in the cold:

– Change up your cleansing routine

– Protect your skin from the drying winds with SPF

– Diving in a humid environment is the perfect way to keep your skin healthy and hydrated.

October 26

The Most Creative New York City Clothes

Beacon’s Closet

If you’re looking for unique and affordable clothing, you should check out Beacon’s Closet. This secondhand store, which has four locations in Brooklyn and Manhattan, is a haven for thrifty shoppers. It offers a wide selection of modern and vintage clothing, including designer brands at affordable prices.

The clothes at Beacon’s Closet are loud and unique, but you won’t find anything too mainstream here. The buyers at Beacon’s Closet are fashion-conscious and have a keen eye for designer brands. You might find a cheap Supreme T-shirt from a season ago or a stylish, high-end coat from Maison Margiela.

Helmut Lang

Helmut Lang has designed some of the most creative clothes to hit New York City. His campaigns have featured the likes of Alek Wek, Little Miss Flint, and Traci Lords. He’s also partnered with Hood By Air designer Shayne Oliver.

Despite a rocky start in the fashion world, Lang has managed to keep up with the demands of the city. He started his career as a student studying economics but soon found that he was not happy in his field and he wanted to pursue something more creative. He began by creating sculptures but found that they did not bring him any money, so he turned to fashion for the first time. His first creations were a tee and a pair of pants. He landed in fashion by accident.

Another Tomorrow

Another Tomorrow is a luxury fashion brand that uses eco-friendly materials and wants to change the fashion industry. This B-Corp company was started by Vanessa Barboni Hallik in the NoMad neighborhood of Manhattan. She has over 19 years of experience working in the industry and joined Another Tomorrow from Proenza Schouler, where she was vice president of design and developed a White Label division for the brand. The brand’s collection is designed to be high-quality yet affordable for women.

The new store will be Another Tomorrow’s first brick-and-mortar location in New York City. The brand has leased a 1,349-square-foot space from Brookfield Property Partners for one and a half years. The company declined to disclose asking rents, but in the fall of 2018, the average rent on Bleecker Street was $252 per square foot.


H&M is an internationally recognized brand of affordable fashion. Their stores offer fashion-forward designs for men, women, and children. In addition to offering affordable and eco-friendly clothing, H&M also offers special collaborations with famous designers. And because the company’s philosophy is to provide fashion at the lowest price possible, they are committed to creating an industry that is environmentally friendly.

The H&M store in Herald Square, New York City, is the retailer’s largest store outside of Europe. It is located across the street from Macy’s and has 63,000 square feet of space.

Bergdorf Goodman

With a mix of old and new styles, the Bergdorf Goodman campaign celebrates creativity, individuality, and freedom of speech. Films made for the campaign show how people dressed in the 1970s, while new images show how colorful people dress now. Color also ties together the archival and contemporary footage, giving the campaign an eclectic feel.

The Bergdorf Goodman department store is a global icon in the world of high-end fashion. It introduced ready-to-wear fashion to women and featured hundreds of designer collections by world-famous designers. Some of these designers include Gucci, Prada, and St. Laurent. Bergdorf Goodman also offers exclusive collaborations and exclusive collections by top designers.

Buffalo Exchange

The Buffalo Exchange is one of New York City’s best thrift stores for creative items. With five New York City locations, Buffalo Exchange offers a wide variety of clothes at significantly reduced prices. You can shop for designer labels, vintage fashion, and more. Items range in price from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars. Buffalo Exchange also accepts consignment and mail-in items.

The Buffalo Exchange is a popular thrift store in Manhattan and Brooklyn. You can find clothing that has been worn and loved by hundreds of people before. These clothing items often have a great deal of life left in them, and you can score a great bargain at a fraction of the cost.

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