May 31

Indoor Cycling Classes for Beginners

Many fresh faces are appearing at indoor cycling studios now that so many individuals have made the commitment to start working out more regularly and even try new types of exercise. In recent weeks, several newcomers have come into the riding room following my courses, stating that they have never done anything like this before and asking if there are any simple indoor riding programmes. I’m afraid I’ve had to tell them, “No.” They might be accessible at some boutique studios and fitness centres, but I’ve never seen them.

When I brought it up with my group exercise supervisor a few years ago, she said there isn’t enough demand for beginner programmes to make them worthwhile. What she was saying was clear to me. After all, it only takes a few courses for a newbie to catch up—and this can happen in any class by tailoring it to their fitness level. That’s what I now tell anyone who is interested in trying it for the first time.

  • Make Appropriate Workout Preparation

Fuel up with this light yet nutritious food at least an hour before the bike. Pair fitting, padded bike shorts with an airy tank top or t-shirt with a cold, moisture-wicking tank top or t-shirt. Wear cycling-specific shoes or rugged sneakers if you have them. If you get thirsty during the workout, bring a bottle of water with you. If you’re a newbie, a very well-lift is a great place to start.

  • Arrive early and ask the instructor for advice.

The most important thing is to get help setting up your bike properly for your body. If your seat is at the right height and distance from the handlebars, your ride will be safer, more productive, and more fun. It’s largely a matter of personal opinion when it comes to how steep or low the handlebars are, so do what feels right to you. Also, if it isn’t obvious, inquire as to how the teacher switches gears and how tall they go.

  • Learn the basic moves, as well as the proper body and hand positions.

This is something you can do without the help of the instructor. You can study the basic hand postures and primary movements on the internet before even entering the cycling studio.

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