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Is Pizza Good for You? Pizza Lovers’ Nutritional Advice

Pizza is a popular dish in many parts of the world.

Even the pickiest eaters will enjoy the addictive blend of delectable crust, sweet tomato sauce, and salty mozzarella cheese. It is, however, widely regarded as harmful due to its high calorie, salt, and carbohydrate content. This article examines the nutritional value of the most common forms of pizza and offers suggestions for how to make them healthier.

Depending on the type of pizza, the nutrients and ingredients can differ significantly. Some variations, however, may contain hazardous substances.

Frozen Pizza

Frozen pizzas are a popular meal choice for many individuals, especially college students and busy families. There are exceptions, but most of them are heavy in calories, sugar, and sodium. They’re usually heavily processed, with chemical preservatives, extra sugar, and bad fats.

One dish of Red Baron Classic Crust Pepperoni frozen pizza, for example, comprises (1):

380 calories
18 grams of fat
39 g Carbohydrates
8-gram sugar
810 mg sodium — 34% of RDA (RDI)
Adding high-calorie toppings like sausage, additional cheese, and other high-calorie products, as well as French bread style and stuffed crust varieties, can add even more calories.

Freshly Made Pizzeria Pizza

Pizzeria-made pizzas, like frozen pizzas, can have a wide range of ingredients and methods of preparation. Despite the fact that the nutritional value of pizzeria pizza is not always disclosed, certain pizzeria brands do provide nutrition information to customers. Freshly cooked pizzas are usually created with healthier ingredients than those available in convenience stores and fast-food restaurants. Most pizzerias use simple ingredients like olive oil and wheat flour to produce their dough from scratch. Some restaurants utilize handmade sauces with no extra sugar, fresh cheeses, and other healthy toppings, depending on the eatery. However, putting on extra toppings, whether frozen or fresh, can make pizza unhealthy, so be careful what you choose while dining out.

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