March 3

Music and Indoor Cycling

Music is unquestionably crucial in our classes. But really do you understand how and why to apply that knowledge in factors that enable you to get the most out of it? You’ve probably noticed that a lesson with terrific music almost never fails. You’ve probably noticed that even if the profile is strong, a class with poor music use feels flat.

What is the significance of music in indoor cycling classes? What role does music have in our lives? And how might we make the most of music’s advantages?

Dr. Costas Karageorghis, Ph.D., of B.U.L, is one of the most well-known researchers in this field. For nearly two decades, he has been releasing research on the relationship between exercise and music.

There are five major ways that music might influence our performance, according to Dr. Karageorghis. They are Dissociation, Arousal Regulation, Synchronization, Motor Skill Acquisition, and Flow Attainment.

This list brought back memories of my time as a long-distance cyclist. Initially, throughout intensive training rides and races, I would direct my attention to consciousness that might aid my ability.  As those grew old and I grew tired of them, I will go into phases where I would purposefully let my mind drift or go blank.

I’ve taught a thought activity for mid to long time trial efforts using my long-distance racing expertise as a guide to my indoor riding coaching. In this coaching, I recommend a mental pattern that switches between mechanistic and motivational thinking. “For one minute, consider your pedal stroke.” “Then, for one minute, imagine what it will be like to succeed.” You simply go back and forth between these or comparable ideas.

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