February 11

A Romanian Wedding with Italian Flair in Tuscany

A Romanian wedding in Tuscany with an Italian flair is a fantastic destination wedding concept. Alex and Andreea met in university and married at a stunning Tuscan castle. The couple wanted traditional and lovely wedding music, so they chose Pachelbel’s Canon in D for the ceremony. A beautiful banquet venue and delectable food were included in the celebration. And they did it all with a simple yet classy motif.

In Italy, the bride and groom exchange Bomboniere, or little presents, with their guests. Confetti, printed ribbons, and little presents are frequently included in these offerings. The presents are fertility, long life, and marriage symbols. The quantity of confetti is also significant. The odd number is seen to be lucky.

An Italian wedding is similar to a Romanian wedding. The couple exchanges wedding rings instead of kissing, as is customary. This custom dates back to the 1970s and is still carried out today. On the left hand, the ring is generally worn. This custom dates back to ancient Rome when the love vein ran through the left ring finger. The couple would traditionally exchange wedding bands on the first or second weekend of their honeymoon.

Guests wear the same gowns to the wedding ceremony and celebration and arrive before the bride and groom. Aperitifs will be served by waiters, and the festivities will most likely be filled with laughter and good cheer. The wedding day in Tuscany is the perfect moment for a Romanian wedding with an Italian twist. And the bride and groom have the most amazing friends and family. In addition to being married, they plan a hen party to commemorate the start of their family.

While there are many variations between a Romanian and an Italian wedding, the country’s culture and customs are the most significant. To begin, the couple meets with their respective families and expresses their intention to start a family together. Similar to the American ‘bachelorette’ party, the Italians have a ‘hen’ party. For friends who were not invited to the wedding, this is a memorable event.

The event in Tuscany is marked by a traditional wedding cake, as the bride and groom are Romanians. Flowers are used for decorating the wedding cake. The bride and groom also give their guests Bomboniere, which are little gifts. A coffee-inspired dessert and espresso martinis are among them. A ‘hen’ party is supper with friends before the wedding, and a ‘groom’ party is a birthday celebration, both of which are comparable to these.

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