January 5

This is the story of how Italy advanced to the final of Euro 2020.

The Italian national team has won the World Cup four times, but they did not qualify for the 2018 tournament. Euro 2020 will culminate on Sunday with either an encounter with England or a clash against Denmark.

The Italians have accomplished their goal. They have advanced to the finals of Euro2020. During the first semifinal, the Azzurri crushed Spain 4-2 on penalties on Wednesday to advance to the final, where they will play against England. European Championship 2021 will be held at Wembley Stadium in England from July 12 to July 16.

Two of the traditional football powers put on one of their greatest performances in what was truly the strongest match of the tournament so far. For the most part, the match followed the script. Spain had a greater amount of possession of the ball, but they were unable to convert any of their opportunities.

Italian football, on the other hand, got off to a slow start. While they were unable to create many chances in the first half, they were able to be successful in the second half once Federico Chiesa hit a perfect shot from distance. After coming off the bench to score an operational amplifier late in the second half, Spanish striker Alvaro Morata took advantage of a defensive mistake. Neither team was able to crack the conflict in extra time, and the game has gone into overtime. Punishment was called in the final seconds of the game.

Morata, who had scored the consolation goal in regular time, was unable to convert the fourth and decisive penalty attempt. Italy scored the next goal to secure its place in the championship game against Germany. With a plethora of young talents at their disposal, the Spanish national team may have lost the Euro Cup 2021 semifinal, but they certainly have a promising future ahead of them.

Italian soccer team defeated Turkey 3-0 to start the group stage. In the second group game, they were victorious by a narrow 1-0 margin against Wales, a result that was repeated from the first. With something like a perfect win record and without scoring a goal, the team improved to the second round of Euro 2020 qualifying. Italy struggled in the Round of 16 and was forced into extra time, where Austria emerged victorious 2-1. Although they were defeated by Belgium in the quarter-finals, the team put in a wonderful performance to expand to the semi-finals, where they will play Spain.

Italy has faced the 3 lions a total of 27 times so over course of the past two decades. Azzurri won 10, lost 8, and drew 8 of their 27 matches it against opposition. Italy may win their second European championship, whereas England will win their first European championship in a row.

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